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"Crafting Quality, Caring for Coworkers, Serving Customers: We Win Together."

Why Alamo Roadway Materials?

At Alamo Roadway Materials, LLC, we take pride in shaping the very paths that connect our communities. As a leading manufacturer in the roadway markings industry, our mission is clear: to pave the way for safer, more efficient, and sustainable roadways.

For years, we have been the driving force behind the lines and markings that guide travelers and safeguard our roads. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability has earned us a reputation for excellence. We are not just marking roads; we are marking progress.

With a deep sense of care for our co-workers, dedication to crafting top-quality products, unwavering service to our valued customers, and a proactive approach to solving challenges, we are more than a company; we are a community of roadmakers.

Welcome to Alamo Roadway Materials, where our values lead the way, and our passion drives us to set new standards in the industry. Join us on the journey to safer, smoother, and more sustainable roads, proudly made in the USA.

Our Thermoplastic Production Facility

Our facility is equipped with material hoppers for adding the programmed amount of each material for recipe mixing. As the material mix flows through the assembly line, the final product is carried through ducts and is blasted into product bags. A conveyor system carries the bags to a state-of-the-art robotic arm that facilitates the pallet building. The pallet is wrapped to protect it from the elements and is ready for shipment to the customer.

Trusted By

Customers across the great state of Texas purchase our products for roadways near you.

We pride ourselves in working with the best-in-class transportation carriers using Full Truck Loads (FTL), 

Less Than Truck Loads (LTL), and Hotshots to move our products to your company yard, 

or to your TXDOT roadside jobsite throughout Texas. 

Texas Department of Transportation Approved

Alamo Roadway Materials, LLC. is an approved
Permanent Prefabricated Pavement Markings
and Thermoplastic Pavement Marking
Materials Producer.

Our Thermoplastic roadway products are made from quality tested ingredients using recipes containing the highest grade of materials, which are laboratory tested for quality control and meet the standards and requirements of Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), right here in San Antonio, Texas.

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